Although the strength is good

Although the strength is good, but Nei Maer also have soft under the stadium under the private life involved in the less much energy Tony Phillips Jersey. We can just cite a few examples, such as every sister's birthday, Nei Maer will always happen to appear injury, or appear suspension, but he will not stay in the team training, but not far away Flew back to Brazil for sister birthday.In the second round match with Malaga in April Dennis Eckersley Jersey, Roberto was knocked down by the opponent in the penalty area, but the referee thought it was a foul outside the area Rollie Fingers Jersey, while Barcelona was in a state of backwardness. The game Barcelona 0-2 defeat. Fifth, in the Real Madrid F1 Malaga game, Real Madrid Tie Wei Ramos scored twice. However, Ramos's second ball is a bit off the ball, the referee did not say.Atletico's teenager's special teenager is now very close to Real Madrid, and the reality of this encounter with the city rivals is also very depressed. According to the Spanish media, "Marca" news, recently Atletico coach coach Burgess in an interview also talked about the matter, he believes that the horse can not see the opportunity to leave the main reason is the main reason, while Borg Sri Lanka that the current Atromi encounter the most serious crisis is the impact of the FIFA signings ban Santiago Casilla Jersey.

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