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Kobe radio reporter Danny said

Kobe radio reporter Danny said, in fact, many high-level Barcelona are on the stadium under the complex private life of some dissatisfaction and worry Sonny Gray Jersey, many senior officials believe that once the appropriate offer, Barcelona should be immediately sold to Nemal. The team did not want Neumar Barcelona to become the next Ronaldinho.In recent seasons Terry Steinbach Jersey, the overcrowding of the state of C Luo decline in the trend is obvious, especially in the closing stage Catfish Hunter Jersey, he is difficult to play as early as the power of the season, can be the first time in recent years, C Luo broke out in the final stage, Portugal star scored twice, nearly 8 games have been into the 13 ball, what is the 32-year-old C Lo after a season twists and turns are still vibrant?C Lo broke out at the end of the incident is not accidental Yonder Alonso Jersey, the player himself and his coach Zidane developed a detailed rotation strategy, which helped C Lo to avoid the recent season in the closing stage of the injury situation. Spanish expert Balagu said: "C Luo in the season into the last 1/3 stage when the outbreak seems unconventional, the past few quarters of this stage he was wounded, and the end of the season he became unusually sharp.

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Although in the fight against Real Madrid

Although in the fight against Real Madrid when the loss Jaycob Brugman Jersey, Leco is in the face of Barcelona when the profit. Rajo players shot hit the door frame Josh Reddick Jersey, the referee has sent a corner to the Laco. Larko use the positioning ball opportunity to break Matt Olson Jersey, 2-1 away from Barcelona to take three points. Ninth, despite the frequent losses, Barcelona also occasionally profitable. The first half of the season with the Royal Society of the game, the other side of a goal was misjudged offside off.Tenth, in the just-concluded Celta and Real Madrid match, Celta striker Aspasi was Ramos restricted area to fall, but the referee Martinez but will Aspasi red card, and finally Real Madrid 4-1 away victory over ten people Celta.Ma Jing's assistant coach Burgess in an interview also responded to this: "From the current situation, Real Madrid Marcelo and Atletico's Felipe is still their first choice Liam Hendriks Jersey, but the two in their respective The team's playing time will be different, especially if the return to Atletico, he is difficult to get a lot of playing opportunities, and if joining Real Madrid is not the case, a player chose to change is often because they do not have the opportunity to see.

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